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We’ve added a plus one, so now we are an adventure family of 3!

We help families globetrot the world with travel, lifestyle, and money-saving tips, leading you to live your BEST life anywhere.

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Wed to Wanderlust Family Travel Blog


“I can’t even begin to tell you how special it is to experience adventure, through the eyes of our son. Family travel is definitely different than what we’ve encountered before.  Yet this change means the world to me.”

Wed to Wanderlust Family Travel Blog


“I’ve classified myself as a “forever learner”.  Traveling feeds this passion and I’m lucky to share this with my best friend.  And now, with our son.  Watching him experience life, is absolutely magical!”

Wed to Wanderlust Family Travel Blog


Max is still honing his verbal communications skills, yet his non-verbal signs and the pure enjoyment on his face during new experiences is priceless.

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