Who We Are

Jennifer Schluntz


Jennifer, or as her friends call her, Jenni, has been an adventurer for most of her life!  Raised in a family that regularly traveled taught her the normalcy of such a lifestyle.  Jenni has been blogging for the past 8 years and is currently working on several projects.  She has teamed up with her talented husband Steven, to explore the world, one culture at a time.  Since the infancy of Wed to Wanderlust, their partnership has grown to include an awesome son, Maximus!

Steven Schluntz


Steven has a passion for fitness and adventure.  He has experience in being the brawn and independent brains for various enterprises.  After reuniting with Jenni, after 10 years, he asked her one of the most important questions in a person’s life and they were hitched 4 months later.  Today, Steven shares in travel photography, with a focus on drones and being the most flexible travel daddy out there!