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Does Going (formerly Scott’s Cheap Flights) Work?

So you’re scrolling through social media and you see the same people on your feed traveling all over the world. Do you ever wonder how they do it? Well, we will let you in a little secret…or maybe not so little secret; they are likely doing some kind of travel hacking to book cheap flights. Or they are extremely loaded with dinero; however, that’s not the storyline we’re going with. In short, travel hacking is a variety of ways to make travel cheaper or even FREE in some cases. Pursuing travel hacking avenues to travel can be time-consuming, but SO worth the effort.

In this post, we’ll dive into one of our favorite travel hacks, using Going (formerly Scott’s Cheap Flights), and how you can start using them too!

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What is Going (formerly Scott’s Cheap Flights)?

Scott’s Cheap Flights is a service that notifies you of inexpensive flights from airports that you are willing to travel from. The “cheap” is dependent on what normal costs to fly in the set flight class you are looking for.

Their site has expanded with so many features as the years have gone on. On the site, they show you how awesome of a deal you’re about to book, or if it is a more common deal that you will likely see again. Helps with the decision-making, right?

Note: Don’t miss out on 25% OFF Premium!

Are Cheap Flights Worth It?

This seems like a silly question to the natural adventurer, but yes they absolutely can be! But real talk, the least expensive flight is likely going to be in economy, without checked bags tacked onto the final price. You may not even be able to select your seat, but hey you’ll be making it to your final destination for a fraction of what you would normally be spending, so if that outweighs anything else in your travel budget, then this is for you.

Going also created an elite membership plan that caters to those who require the finer things in life when it comes to air travel. While this doesn’t typically fit our travel style right now, this is most certainly a plan to look into if you are searching for excellent deals on business or first-class airline tickets.

Not sure which route to go? Sign up for the limited membership to get a taste of what it’s like to receive the deal alerts.

Pro Tip: For our fellow traveling families, there are some airlines that will allow you to choose seats for free if you are traveling with a child in economy class. We experienced this with Singapore Airlines on a long-haul international flight. Be sure to check with the airline prior to booking, as this may make the cheap flight an even better deal.

Flights We’ve Booked

If you haven’t already decided to give Going a go, then check out some of the fantastic deals we’ve booked in the past.

2017: Seattle-London Roundtrip for about $500 per person.

Does Scott's Cheap Flights Work
Does Scott's Cheap Flights Work

2018: Seattle-Antigua/Barbuda for about $318 per person.

Does Scott's Cheap Flights Work
Does Scott's Cheap Flights Work

2019: Los Angeles-Rome Roundtrip for about $450 per person.

Does Scott's Cheap Flights Work

2020: Seattle- London Roundtrip for $346 per person (We booked this ticket pre-COVID)

Does Scott's Cheap Flights Work
Does Scott's Cheap Flights Work

2022: Portland-Kauai Roundtrip for $233 per person

Does Scott's Cheap Flights Work
Does Scott's Cheap Flights Work

Depending on where you’re flying from, these may not seem like a good deal. But I can promise that they certainly are good deals since we fly from the west coast of the United States.

How to Book a Cheap Flight

Now onto the exciting stuff; how to book one of these cheap flights! First, you’ll sign up for a membership here. Next, you’ll begin to receive alerts from the airports that you have chosen as being willing to depart from. Using our preferences as an example; we live on the West Coast of the United States, and we have chosen the major hubs on this coast.

Next, you’ll receive your first alert. Read through the details of the deal. All of the emails are filled with details on how to book that particular deal. From experience, we have found that using Google Flights to narrow down which dates work for us in regards to the least inexpensive fares is the most successful.

Once you have done the step of confirming dates, you’ll see what available vendors or airlines are booking at that priced-out deal from the alert. Make sure to check all of the details prior to booking. This includes whether there are checked bags, the ability to pay extra for seat selection, and/or meal service.

Now press the ‘Book’ button and you’ve done it! Congrats on booking an excellent deal.

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Other Going Tips

  • Check out the travel tips
    • In each of the deal alerts, you’ll receive there is typically a travel tip. If you don’t find it in the email, it will be on the deal alert page on the site. We have found these to be helpful when exploring new areas.
  • Try to book directly with the airline
    • When doing your research prior to securing your booking, do your best to book directly with the airline. This makes changing flights or receiving refunds easier than if you book through a third-party agency. The only time we make an exception to this rule is if the deal is super rare.

So in all, yes, we absolutely know that Going works. At least the service does for our family. As with any service, there can be mixed reviews, but we have found many money-saving fares that have helped us create thousands of memories all over the world. And for us, that is the best deal of all.

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