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The Best Baby Registry for New Moms

So you’re embarking on this new adventure of parenthood, but you have no idea what to even look for let alone ask for, amirite? I’ve been there and will let you in on the best baby registry for new moms. While it may not be a new name for you, it might be a new concept; an Amazon Baby Registry.

I was surprised when I stumbled across this when I began to be flooded with parent-to-be advertisements. However, I found it so valuable and time-saving! I was able to add things that you wouldn’t normally think of (such as travel-related items) for your new babe. Keep on reading to learn more about the best baby registry for new moms!

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Why an Amazon Baby Registry?

For me, this was more of a why not? I was already a Prime member, the convenience was already top-notch, and let’s face it when you’re pregnant anything that can be a bit easier is already a win. But thinking through this a bit further, a couple of other key points that I loved about an Amazon baby registry was that I could search for any item, including those unique baby travel ones, and click to add it to my registry. Simple as that!

One of the other key points that sold me was the option for participants to “go-in” on larger priced items, through a group gifting enablement. This is a helpful alternative for people to support those must-have items.

The Welcome Box is a perk of signing up for an Amazon baby registry as well! It’s valued at $35 and is filled with baby items for you and your future little one to try. Since we travel often, I loved the smaller, sample-sized trials that came in the box, as well as a couple of different smaller baby bottles to try. That’s not all that came in the box, but you will have to register to find out! These items are subject to change over time.

Lastly, the most helpful perk about this registry is that once it is complete, you will receive a one-time discount for the remainder of the items that weren’t purchased. That discount is 10% off, or 15% off if you’re a Prime member. Once my baby showers were done, I made sure to take advantage of this opportunity to save money (more money for future adventures)!

How Do I sign up for an Amazon Baby Registry?

You can easily sign up for an Amazon baby registry here.

Click on the ‘Create a New Baby Registry’.

Fill out the form, as seen below:

Amazon Baby Registry Form

Voila! You now have an Amazon Baby Registry. Next up, is to add items.

Check out this example of how you can search for a baby item and then locate the ‘Add to Baby Registry’ button.

How to Add an Item to Your Amazon Baby Registry

What Are Must-Have Baby Travel Items?

Now that you know the why and the how of getting an Amazon baby registry, let me show which items I have found to be “must-have” baby travel items.

Final Thoughts

I hope you have found some inspiration and guidance to set up your baby’s registry! Congratulations on this new journey and safe travels when you start traveling with your little one.

Let us know in the comments how you liked setting up your registry or any other must-have baby travel items!

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The Best Baby Registry for New Moms