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How to Travel to Fiji with Kids

If Fiji hasn’t made its way onto your bucket list, we highly recommend adding it! This post shows you how to travel to Fiji with kids, so they can reap the benefits of such a wonderful and family-oriented destination. You’ll find that all of these tips and places are kid-friendly, but we added a few more spots and ideas to consider during your travel planning phase.

Keep on scrolling to find a detailed guide on how to travel to Fiji with kids.

Getting to Fiji

We found an excellent flight deal to Fiji through an advertisement from Fiji Airways ($727 per adult and $520 for our toddler). Typical flights from the US west coast run $1900-$2100 per person, so we had to snag that deal! We transited through San Francisco International airport to Nadi International Airport, on the big island of Viti Levu. From SFO it was a 10-hour direct flight.

Prior to departure, at the Fiji Airways check-in counter in SFO, we had to have all of our paperwork validated and carry-on luggage approved. At the time, pre-departure COVID testing was lifted for all fully vaccinated travelers, so we did not have to take a test upon leaving the US. However, as part of the check-in process, we had to provide proof that we had prescheduled COVID tests for 2-3 days upon arrival, as well as to return to the US. You are able to schedule both of these on this site. Another required document was travelers insurance showing that we had coverage in the event we contracted COVID while visiting. Requirements may change as of writing this, so be sure to see the most recent updates here.

There is some paperwork to fill out on the plane, as with most international flights. Be sure to bring a pen and have your accommodation information handy.

The Nadi airport is fairly small, so customs and immigration can take a little bit of time. Once you are past this point, you enter a small airport that has an information kiosk and tour operators. We were starting our trip with a local resort, so we went to their stand-alone office to catch our bus and ferry to the island.

Depending on where your resort/island is located, there may be different ferries that you will take. The first resort we stayed at was about an hour-long ferry ride away from the Denarau Port.

How to Travel to Fiji with Kids
The top-rated hotels for this area of Fiji are marked in blue.

Where to Stay

Many of the accommodations we researched were family-friendly, so initially, it was tough to choose. We split our 2 weeks over two resorts, which worked out well, as we had a taste of two different styles of travel. We know that there are so many other islands and things to see in Fiji, but we helped narrow things down by sticking to the area on the map above.

Here are some highly-rated options, all kid-friendly spots. To make things even easier, here is the link to the map above!

Musket Cove Island Resort and Marina

We can’t personally recommend this resort enough! Situated in the Malolo Lailai Islands, Musket Cove was the perfect mix of small island life and fun! We were welcomed by a singing staff and immediately tended to until we reached our bure. A couple of other items to note are that this is a meal-inclusive resort (alcoholic drinks available for purchase) and there is a small market on the island. If you are looking for specific items, be sure to bring them ahead of taking the ferry to the island.

Pro Tip: Try the pizza in the cafe! The one with fresh pumpkin on it is AMAZING!!

Sofitel Denarau Island

Sofitel Denarau Island was another fantastic resort. As a five-star resort, they definitely live up to their name! While this resort had a different vibe than that of a more intimate island experience, Sofitel had many activities and high-class amenities for the guests. Some of the things you and the family can look forward to are the amazing international breakfast buffet, the spacious pool area with a water slide, french pastries from the onsite cafe, and a fun-filled kids club!

Pro Tip: Catch the Bula Bus to take you to Port Denarau for a variety of restaurants and shopping.!

Hilton Fiji Beach Resort and Spa

As of this writing, this particular Hilton resort has earned an average of 4.3/5 stars from a whopping 1650 reviews! Some highlights that are captured are the location on Denarau Island, the upscale vibe and the relaxation that comes with visiting Fiji! Guests also found this property to be kid-friendly with a fun pool on site!!

InterContinental Fiji Golf Resort & Spa, an IHG Hotel

Situated a little further from the city of Nadi, this IHG resort boasts a variety of eateries, a golf course and multiple pools for the family to enjoy. Reviews share that the hotel staff was great and that the pools were fun. There is also a nearby beach to explore!!

Shangri-La Yanuca Island, Fiji

This 4-star hotel has earned an average rating of 4.3/5 stars from a raving 2484 reviews! Accommodations include refined balcony rooms with a variety of views to choose from. The family is sure to enjoy the free breakfast and pool. Views from this resort look absolutely stunning! A wise choice to capture those dreamy Fijian sunsets.!

Sheraton Resort & Spa, Tokoriki Island, Fiji

Another excellent choice deemed by reviewers is this Sheraton property. This resort has earned an average of 4.4 out of 5 stars. Set on the island of Tokoriki, this property boasts gorgeous beachfront views and is surrounded by lush foliage. The family is sure to enjoy the kids club, a variety of restaurants and outdoor activities.!

Fiji Marriott Resort Momi Bay

The Fiji Marriot Resort Momi Bay ranks 4.6/5 stars for good reason! Most reviewers swooned over the views, the friendly staff, and the variety of activities to do. One excellent point about this resort is that they have overwater bungalows, which are a treat in themselves! Be sure to check for their age requirements to book one of these accommodations.!

What to Do

Visit a Local Village

We had the privilege of visiting the first settled village of Viseisei. One of the villagers took us on a private tour, explaining where Fijians originated from and the remarkable history of their culture. We booked this tour through Viator and confirmed that part of the proceeds goes to the local village. You can save up to 50% off tours and activities on Viator too!


Depending on where you stay, you may have the luxury of snorkeling right at the resort! During our stay at Musket Cove, we were able to snorkel from an entry point on their nearby island. If not, there are a variety of tours that can be booked throughout the islands.

Sea Kayak

This is a fun activity to do with the whole family! Throw on some life jackets and explore the sea. Our little one had a ton of fun looking over the water, and keeping an eye out for sea life.

Pro Tip: Bring an underwater camera to capture the scenery below. Play it back later for the family to see.

Catch a Sunset

We have caught our fair share of island sunsets over the years, but something about a Fijian sunset hits differently. Each evening, the sunset was unlike the one before, an insane melting of colors that change until the sun goes down.

Visit a local Market

The markets are filled with locals selling an enticing variety of produce and flowers. Such a colorful environment filled with smiles and friendly people. We were sure to pick up some local fruit to take back to the hotel with us.

Drink Raw Sugar Cane Juice

One of our tour guides stopped by a roadside stand selling fresh pressed sugar cane juice. Although it doesn’t look appealing, your tastebuds will think otherwise. Raw sugar cane juice is a must-have treat while visiting Fiji!

Take a Tour with Ecotrax

By far one of the most fun excursions that we have been on! You get to ride old sugar cane railways to a secluded beach, passing through local villages, farms and mangroves. This was such a unique experience, we recommend this to all travelers to Fiji! Check out their full site here.

Pro-Tip: Bring sunscreen and mosquito spray, as well as sunhats for this fun time! You can bring your own snorkel gear for the private beach as well.

Explore Port Denarau

Port Denarau is a fun area to shop and dine in while enjoying views of the harbor. This is also where you are able to catch ferries to other islands of Fiji. If you are staying on the island of Denarau, you are able to catch the Bula bus as an inexpensive mode of transport. It’s an open-air bus that the kids are sure to enjoy!

Tour the Garden of the Sleeping Giant

The Garden of the Sleeping Giant is a beautiful, tranquil place on the island. Situated about 15 minutes from the inner part of Nadi, this garden is filled with many different species of flowers and trees. Take a guided tour to learn more about how the garden came to be and the gorgeous vegetation surrounding you.

Experience a Kava Ceremony

Lastly, a kava ceremony is one of the many recommended traditions to partake in when visiting Fiji. Kava is a local root that is grown and then ground into a powder that is then mixed with water. There is a slight tingling sensation when consumed. If you are invited to such a ceremony, be sure to be respectful. Here is an excellent resource to prepare you for this experience.

Getting Around

Car Rentals

To get around to other parts of the large island of Viti Levu a car rental may be what you’re looking for. This option allows you to take your time and see all the places you have on your itinerary. Driving through Nadi can get pretty busy, with many pedestrians to consider.

Private Guide

We had a couple of excursions with a private guide and found this to be well worth the money! We were able to spend as long as we wanted at each stop, while also learning quite a bit about the local villages. This was an excellent option as we were able to bring our own car seat and leave it in the car for the whole time we were booked.


We learned that it is best to book a taxi for transport to the airport from our last resort in Denarau. There are existing issues regarding transport booked on other sites, versus what the resorts have agreed to with local transport. We ended up learning the hard way, as our airport departure transport was almost an hour late! Taxis are also another great option when going short distances.


You are able to take ferries to other islands also. Be sure to check out the map to see which route is best suited for your time and money, as they can vary. This is also one of the main ways to reach other resorts in the neighboring islands.

Good Old Fashioned Walking

Of course walking is always a good way to see a new place. Whether you are on a small island, or in the more touristy areas of Fiji, walking is an excellent option to keep healthy and to let the kids burn off some energy!

How to Travel to Fiji with Kids
Lice from Musket Cove is an amazing person!

Fiji Travel Tips

Fijians Love Children

With most of us being impacted by the era of COVID, it might seem uncomfortable to see someone outside of your household closely interacting with your child. It was a bit of a culture shock for us! However, it is one of the reasons we will always go back to Fiji. The family-oriented atmosphere is so special and unique.


Although we have traveled to a variety of islands over the years, Fiji has been the only one with an abundance of frogs! This was a super fun aspect for our little one during our trip. Wherever we went, we encountered all sizes of frogs. Of course, we expected wildlife since we were visiting a tropical environment, but we didn’t realize this before we went. Definitely not a deal breaker!

Island Time

Remember you are on vacation and also on island time! Relax and unplug the second you step off the plane. Sticking to a rigid schedule will surely ruin what could be a memory filled vacation for you and the family!

Travel with Kids Tips

Here are some tips to consider while exploring this tropical destination.

Bring a Quality Stroller

An umbrella stroller may not hold up with beach terrain. You can opt for a baby carrier as well, in lieu of a stroller as well. For toddlers, a hiking pack is a great option as well. Look into a quality stroller to handle the beach and airport alike.

Picky Eaters

Our son was in the phase of his toddlerhood where he was a picky eater. One thing that we brought that was a safe bet was food pouches from home. If nothing else worked, we would bring out one of these pouches to ensure that he was at least eating something. For the most part, there were many familiar food items at where we were staying so this aspect wasn’t too much of a challenge.

Wear Close toed Sandals or Water Shoes

Our little one typically wears these sandals when we are headed for the beach. They are perfect for playing in the sand or walking in the water where there may be coral. The last thing you need on vacation is for the kids to have cuts on their feet!

Boat Travel for Little Ones

This is especially for the young ones that suffer from motion or seasickness. Wearing a SeaBand has been a go-to for years, so it makes sense for little ones to wear them too! A huge selling point is that it focuses on pressure points, versus having to take medication.

How to Travel to Fiji with Kids
Exploring the Coral Coast

Enjoy Fiji

No matter what you choose to do while visiting Fiji, you will surely enjoy your trip. How could you not be happy in a friendly paradise? Be sure to leave us a comment below sharing what you are looking forward to when you visit Fiji!

Much love and adventuring, The Schluntz Family

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How to Travel to Fiji with Kids