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How to Legally Protect Your Blog Today

If you are newer to the blogging community, you will want to read this post on how you should legally protect your blog today!

In this day and age of online business, legally protecting your blog is more critical than ever!

You don’t want your hard work and creative cultivation to go unprotected! This ranges from required legal pages in order to work with some brands to lawsuits over content that you have on your blog. In any case, keep reading on why you should legally protect your blog today.

Why Legally Protect Your Blog Today

Most blogs or personal sites, start off as a passion project. Most don’t think about the legal side of blogging, or even deeper, don’t realize it’s a consideration from the get-go. We fell into the latter of that sentence.

A couple of key points of why you should legally protect your blog today are ensuring that your site is compliant and to help protect your personal assets if you aren’t operating as a recognized legal entity.

Protecting your blog from disputes, fines, ugly audits or potential lawsuits makes sense, right?

What Pages You Need to Legally Protect Your Blog Today

These are the pages you need at the bare minimum on your site.

Privacy Policy

This is required by law for your website. It also serves as a way to legally cover yourself if you partner with brands or affiliate programs. The privacy policy explains what information is collected and how it will be used.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions explain to your readers that your content is your intellectual property and that legal consequences may ensue for plagiarism and the like. This important page also covers what your readers are agreeing to by using your site.


A disclaimer is a key piece in cleary stating that your site is for informational or educational purposes. This does not constitute professional advice. In other words, this disclaimer protects you from being sued over content that you are sharing.

How to Legally Protect Your Blog Today

So how do you go about legally protecting your blog today? Take a cue from us and head over to Amira’s A Self Guru site and shop her Legal Store! We feel very lucky to have come across her site on Instagram and to have learned SO much from her.

While we had general direction on how to protect our blog, it was next to nothing, compared to the value that Amira brings to her audience. As a lawyer that has turned to specializing in this area of the online space, she is a trusted source of legal knowledge. There are a variety of options and templates in her store, but the most valuable and best bang for your blog buck is the VIP Legal Bundle. And if you’re thinking this is going to cost you a lot of money, you might want to skip past that thought. Instead of paying thousands of dollars for legal advice, these templates save you time and money, by giving the same results for a small fraction of that cost.

The VIP Legal Bundle encompasses all the templates included in the Starter and Premium Legal Bundles, with an additional 10 templates (plus bonuses)!

If you are looking for the must-have page templates listed above Amira also has those for purchase:

Privacy Policy Template

Disclaimer Template

Terms and Conditions Template

Each template download comes with precise instructions that walk you through how to customize them for your site. How easy and smart is that?


Are you convinced to start legally protecting your blog today? Whether you are monetizing your content or not, theses are the basic legal pieces that you should be implementing on your site.

We hope you’ve found this post helpful in guiding you on your blogging journey!

Leave us a comment below and let us know!

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How to Legally Protect Your Blog Today