The Best Gifts for the World Traveler in Your Life

Trying to figure out what to buy for an adventuring friend or family member? Here are the best gifts for the world traveler in your life. Clearly, you’ve landed here in hopes of finding inspiration for your next gift for them. You’re probably thinking, “What on earth do I buy someone that would rather see the world than take on another possession?”. Well, we understand here at Wed to Wanderlust, and have more than one answer for you to walk away with!

From our experience, we have found excursions a lovely gift, but if that isn’t in the budget, think small and helpful. Or impactful. Or mind-easing. Basically, consider giving an item that is designed to make traveling much more enjoyable or effortless.

Look no further, here is the ultimate gift list for the world traveler in your life.

Compression Packing Bags

The seasoned traveler likely has a set of these packing cubes, but compression packing bags really add some impact when you’re traveling carry-on only. The ability to fit more in a small space is a win for any traveler. These compression bags speak for themselves (read the reviews too). Any traveler would appreciate these as a present.

Travel Jewelry Case

Beyond clothing, there are some awesome cases for packing jewelry. Travelers that make an outfit “pop” with accessories while they travel, will find this to be a great addition to their travel packing plans.

Sunglasses Organizer

This next one is still accessory related. Does your world traveler tend to hit up sunny destinations more often? Then this might be the perfect gift for them. This case allows for many sunglasses, and accommodates the large stylish ones too! This organizer makes for a wonderful gift, no matter what the occasion.

3-in-1 Charger

Although small like previously mentioned accessory organizers, this present aims for the tech-savvy audience. Charging multiple things (phone, watch, AirPods, etc) can be tough while on the road, at times with limited access to outlets. This 3-in-1 charging solution allows for more refueling at the same time. Small and perfect for jet setting. This set is for Apple products, but there is a similar charging station for both Android and Apple products here.

Hat Clip

Next in the realm of convenience, we have a simple yet impactful gift. One of the easiest additions to a person’s travel hacks list is a magnetic hat clip. All they have to do is attach it to the bag they’re carrying and voila, they can conveniently bring their hat without worrying about losing it or damaging it inside their bag.

Portable Battery Pack

Still, within the realm of convenience, a portable battery has been a lifesaver for many. Especially in smaller airports that don’t have an abundance of outlets, or on certain planes that don’t have charging capabilities at the seat. This portable battery pack is sure to make a difference while adventuring around the world.

Universal Power Travel Adaptor

Next up is an all-in-one travel adaptor that is a must-have for the world traveler in your life! Similar to the convenience of charging multiple things, this enables the ability to charge in different countries using their unique power outlets. Don’t miss out on gifting this travel essential.

Foot Hammock

Moving on to a comfort piece of the list. This foot hammock comes in clutch for those that can’t book their seats in first or business class. The foot hammock provides relief during those long flights and allows for a bit more comfort during the journey. They will be excited to kick back and relax even more!

Anti Theft Bag

Although not at the front of the list, an awesome gift idea is an anti-theft bag. There are SO many to choose from, but reviews and personal experience lead us to the Travelon and Pacsafe brands. Both brands have well-designed bags that come in multiple sizes and colors. Having owned these brands for many years, we can attest to their quality. These bags make the perfect gift for the world traveler in your life.

Electric Luggage Scale

Lastly, don’t let your world traveler be the one that pays extra for their luggage or be forced to check their carry-on because it weighs too much. This electric luggage scale saves the hassle of guessing how much their suitcase weighs while saving money in the long run. More money means more travel (at least that is what it means for us).

We are thrilled you made it through the list and have found a solution (or 10 of them) to your gift-buying dilemma.

Need an idea for travel-related items for the tiny adventurer in your life? Check out this post for even more inspiration.

Please share below in the comments, which of these travel gifts you’re thinking of buying for the world traveler in your life.

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The Best Gifts for the World Traveler in Your Life