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The Devere Selsdon Estate in London

As first-timers in London, we had no idea what we were getting into (besides the ones that we researched ahead).  Adventure awaited us; driving on the opposite side of EVERYTHING, interactions with a new culture, and taste testing fish and chips!  During the research process, our goal was to find somewhere with a bit of history but also bestowed luxurious aspects. On my quest for such dwellings, we stumbled across The Devere Selsdon Estate, on the outskirts of London, England. 

A little bit of history from their website shares, “Alan Doble Sanderson bought what is now De Vere Selsdon Estate in 1924 and transformed the mansion into a luxury country house hotel; however, the estate predates this by hundreds of years.  Traced back to as early as 861AD, an Anglo-Saxon hall, a medieval estate of the Knights Templar and a Victorian country seat are just some of its former lives.  In the 1930s, architect Hugh Mackintosh worked in stages to enlarge the hotel adding an east and west wing and creating the statement house that stands today with its neo-Jacobean style and red-bricked facade.” (Principal Hotel Company, 2018)

In today’s world, the hotel boasts a luxurious setting, coupled with this rich history.  Keep reading to learn more.

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the Devere Selsdon Estate
Entry to the hotel


After entering the long drive, the only thing we knew we could expect was the size of the hotel (based on the pictures we saw online).  We were blown away by the architecture of the late Victorian-style estate.  The outside was as gorgeous as the pictures online.  We couldn’t wait to get inside!

The lobby was nothing short of impressive.  The feeling that overcame us was one of appreciation for grand detail.  The customer service was exceptional and made the check-in process one of the easiest we have had to endure.  We were checking in quite a bit early since our flight came in at 7 in the morning.  The guest manager was quick to accommodate us and our early travels by setting us up in a room facing the green.

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The Devere Selsdon Estate was undergoing renovations during our stay, so many of the pictures are different than what we have taken.  Be sure to check out their updated website to see the difference in design and decor!

With that being said, we captured some of the old-world style and craftsmanship that can be spotted throughout the estate. I can just imagine the amount of time spent to carve these ornate surfaces and bring thought into their craft. Such an amazing space to admire!


The amenities at the Devere Selsdon Estate include dining, golf, event space, and gym.  Since the renovation, the hotel has upgraded all of these amenities.  Steven and I were able to enjoy the dining space in the grand dining room which was stocked full of English goodies.  A classic English breakfast is something that we enjoyed daily and the service was spot on.

Another perk of staying here was the shuttle to and from the train into London.  Even though we rented a car, we opted for public transportation while going into the big city.  It was only a 15-minute shuttle ride and as long as you let reception know what time (on the hour) you would be back, the driver would be there waiting for you.  Pretty awesome and personal service!


​One part of our stay that we enjoyed the most was walking the grounds of the estate.  The lush gardens and historic exterior were a sight to be seen!  There was plenty of space to explore and enjoy nature right outside the mecca of London.

This includes a massive golf course to scope, as well as the outdoor design of the acreage. We came to visit during the fall season. I can only imagine how this place shines in the spring and summer!

the Devere Selsdon Estate


For those of you looking for a little bit of history and a dose of luxury, the Devere Selsdon Estate has your back! 

For our readers that have been to London, would you stay here?  What is your favorite part of London? Share with us below.

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