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​First off, congratulations on this chapter in your life! If you’re reading this article, then you are likely pregnant or anticipating pregnancy during a future trip.  Even if you are performing research for someone that is pregnant; you’ve reached the right resource!
While this topic might seem daunting to some, with the right preparation, this can be a very rewarding experience.  Let’s face it, you will need this time away before little one is here.  With some research and first-hand experience, I’ve gathered the top 10 tips for traveling while pregnant.  Let’s dive in!

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This might seem obvious for most traveler, but there is an added element here to consider.  Does your destination have Zika virus concerns?  Might be worth touching base with your provider on this topic. How far along will you be by the time you are going on your adventure?  Should any issues arise, will there be adequate resources or help to navigate through those possibilities? Another point to consider is the cuisine of your destination.  This might not a point of concern for some, but more of an awareness if the culture is vastly different than your norm and level setting your expectations while also pregnant.  Lastly, will you be flying domestically or internationally? Obviously travel times differ based on your location.  Yet will you be comfortable on a 10 hour flight? Or would it fall more within your style to drive within 5 hours of home?


Everyone’s pregnancy journey has variables that they should consider when planning travel, especially when it is outside of their normal environment.  It’s best to speak with your Obstetrician or provider to ensure that you are clear to travel.  For example, when I was almost 6 months pregnant, I was going on a cruise through the Mediterranean and was required to have a doctor’s approval prior to boarding the ship.  Another point to keep in mind is if your destination requires any vaccines or if you have pre-existing conditions that need to be cared for.  I always think it’s a smart idea to bring a copy of your current health records, in the event anything happens while on vacation.

Layover in the Oslo Airport after a 10-hour flight from LAX.


These socks were the best investment during my pregnant days!  Especially during airline transit.  I had a long-haul flight to Norway (about 10 hours) and compression socks help make the difference in my already swelling body.  Compression socks help with swelling and keep the blood flowing in the lower part of the body.  According to this article on Healthline, the pain and discomfort in the second and third trimesters associated with swelling can be combatted with compression socks.

Here are some highly-rated picks from Amazon:

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Boarding our plane home to the US from Copenhagen.


According to the Mayo Clinic, you will want to promote circulation while in the air.  This point ties in to my tip about compressions socks, but also ensure that you are getting up and moving about the plane (safely of course).  On longer flights, I will make sure to get up each hour and walk up and down the aisles to get some movement.  In addition to this, I drink plenty of water too.  This has me getting up more often, which is a good thing while in the air!

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​Last thing you want is to get sick, especially if you choose to babymoon abroad. My go-to water bottle is by LifeStraw and it comes with a built-in filter.  This might not be necessary for all travel, but I do agree with giving back to the environment by not purchasing an enormous supply of disposable water bottles. Better for the world and I get to stay hydrated safely? Win-win.

A long stopover in Copenhagen required the purchase of this beanie with fur pom 🙂


This means checking the weather for where you will be staying.  I’ve made the mistake of not taking in to account a stopover that I thought was going to be warmer than I thought.  While I was there, I had to purchase gloves, a warm hat, and a coat.  Seems like a novice traveler move, hence why it is being added to the list.  Another significant point to add is make sure that you bring enough comfy and loose clothing especially for the times you’re in transit. Being comfortable is priority, especially while carrying your future babe.

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Valletta Cruise Port in Malta. Wearing my broken in Sorel ankle boots with orthotics for maximum support.


Cute shoes are usually what I am looking to bring when I am on a vacation.  But something that I’ve learned over my years of travel, is that it is always worth it to bring comfy shoes. For me this means that they are already broken in and not a new experience for my feet.  Stable shoes are also something that I considered whenever I was out and about.  While traveling Europe, I ensured that brought orthotics for extra support, as well as flat dress shoes for the times we went out to fancier meals.

Here are some cute and comfy options to consider breaking in before your next trip! 

Walking through Rome, wearing a discreet Belly Bandit Support Band


belly band was a life saver when I was living the tourist life.  Trekking through the cobblestone streets of Italy and France definitely put my body to the test on some days but having a belly band for extra support made the difference.  I recommend using this one here. Not only was it useful during travel, but as I grew into the third trimester, it was the much-needed support I was looking for.

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Photo by 褚 天成 on Unsplash


One thing I learned early on in my pregnancy was that when I was going through security at the airport, I could advise them that I was pregnant and go through security protocol in another way.  This would be to avoid going into the large scanner that spins around you.  I opted for a pat-down by TSA instead.


For my fellow pregnant or parent travelers, have you experienced any of these tips?  Are there any others that you would want to add to this list?

We would love to hear from you! Pop a comment below.

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