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Top 7 Benefits of Guest Posting

So you’ve been blogging for a while, but you’re struggling to cultivate an audience, or you are wanting to share your unique point of view outside of your slice of online digital space. Sound like you? Then this post outlining the top 7 benefits of guest posting is for you! Keep reading, and get your paper/pen handy so you can start taking notes.

What is Guest Posting?

In a nutshell, guest posting is where an author writes an article for another blogger’s site. These opportunities can be paid or unpaid, depending on where you are looking to post as a guest. Typically, you will have something to offer, such as a unique point of view or first-hand experience within your given niche. Guest posting is another marketing strategy between businesses and entrepreneurs, with mutual benefits overall.

Let’s dive into why guest posting may benefit you!

Increase Traffic

If you are seeking more organic traffic to your website, then this is a surefire way to make it happen. Guest posting allows for a backlink to your site, which will increase this metric. Crafting high-quality content in your guest post allows for building credibility, which in turn increases your traffic due to that built trust within this fresh audience.

Top 7 Benefits of Guest Posting
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Cast a Wider Net

Guest posting allows you to reach people that aren’t in your immediate audience. Essentially it’s like doing a show in front of a new group of people and showcasing your value. This is a wonderful way to bring in new readers or future clients.

Write engaging and valuable content to encourage this audience to follow your call to action, or be interested enough to click one step further on your profile link.

Improve Social Media Profiles

This type of networking improves social media profiles in that guest blogging can drive shares amongst engaged audiences. This is beneficial for brand collaborations and potential future clients.

Making these connections can build your following and increase your engagement rates. If you are able to find another blogger or influencer for a mutually beneficial social media relationship, you can go even further in improving your social media networks.

Top 7 Benefits of Guest Posting
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SEO Benefits

Search engine optimization is key to having your blog or website show up in search engine results. Be sure to speak to the specified audience, while doing keyword searches to support SEO. Guest posting also allows for natural backlinks to your site. This is a huge benefit in building your site’s credibility and ranking.

Share Unique Experiences

You are guest posting for a reason, right? Aside from the benefits listed already, guest posting opens up readers to your unique experiences related to the site’s niche. Engage a new audience with your advice, tip, or first-hand storytelling.

Build Online Portfolio

For those just starting out, guest posting can serve as a way to build your online reputation and portfolio. Online presence has to start somewhere, and this marketing strategy is a wonderful way to showcase how you contribute to a specific niche.

Niche Networking

If your experience is geared to a certain niche, guest posting enables networking within that space. This is the perfect opportunity to share your knowledge and contribute to a fellow blogger’s site, while also building authority in that same niche.


These are the items that we have found to be the top 7 benefits of guest posting. Which of these benefits interests you the most?

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Top 7 Benefits of Guest Posting
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