Who We Are

Hello Travel Families

Travel is part of who we are, and we have geared up to raise our son in the same way.

While Steven and I still actively work full time, we have prioritized travel as part of our lifestyle. Pre-baby we were always on the hunt for a good flight deal out of our home airport (PDX) or nearby airports on the west coast. We found a pretty good way to plan trips on a budget, but without sacrificing some of the finer things in life.

With a young child in tow, most people in our lives thought our travel days were over. They couldn’t have been more wrong!

There have been adjustments to our travel style, as expected. But when your kid’s eyes light up and the pure excitement just oozes from their little bodies (I have the pictures to prove it too), any small (first-world) problems become non-existent.

Do we actually check luggage? Yes, but we share one suitcase. (By the way, this was a tough one for me, as I normally despise checking luggage.)

Do we use a stroller? Most times depending on the destination. Check out this post for help.

If you put traveling on the back burner since having children, I encourage you to give it another shot.

Give our ‘How to Transition into Family Travel‘ blog post a read.

To satiate any further curiosity about us, keep scrolling to get to know us better.

Much love and adventuring,

The Schluntz Family

Jennifer Schluntz


Who We Are Jennifer Schluntz

Jennifer, or as her friends call her, Jenni, has been an adventurer for most of her life!  Being raised in a regularly traveled family taught her the normalcy of such a lifestyle.  Jenni has been blogging for the past ten years and is working on several projects while working full-time in the corporate world and part-time travel advising over at Wayfaring Consulting.  She has teamed up with her talented husband Steven, to explore the world, one culture at a time.  Since the infancy of Wed to Wanderlust, their partnership has grown to include an awesome son, Maximus!

Steven Schluntz


Who We Are Steven Schluntz

Steven has a passion for exotic cuisines and worldwide adventure.  He has experience in being the brawn and independent brains of various enterprises. His top endeavor is running an Amazon business at the moment.  After reuniting with Jenni, after 10 years, he asked her one of the most important questions in a person’s life and they were hitched 4 months later.  Today, Steven shares in travel photography, with a focus on drones and being the most flexible travel daddy out there!

Maximus Schluntz


Who we are Maximus Schluntz

Maximus leads a daring and brave toddler life! He has graced his parents with the same adventurous attitude, not only during times of travel but in his daily life. He is prepared to conquer the world with snacks in hand.